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  1. The Red Sea's unique coral reefs are threatened by ocean plastic

    Egypt's Red Sea province to ban single-use plastic

  2. Hainan beach

    China's Hainan to ban single-use plastics by 2025: State media

  3. Mosquitoes

    Microplastics may enter foodchain through mosquitoes

  4. blue recycling bin

    ‘Cannot sell ... so they burn’: What’s next in the uncertain future for plastic waste in Singapore?

    With China’s decision to stop taking in the world’s plastic waste and recyclables, countries like Singapore will have to consider the limitations ...
  5. zero waste 1

    From ditching disposables to composting, the women going the extra mile to reduce waste

    They’ve had to endure snide remarks and scepticism, but continue to do their part for the environment.
  6. Bangladesh cyclone May 31

    Five dead as cyclone batters Bangladesh

  7. New Content Item

    Paid cross-border carpooling services are against regulations: LTA

    Free cross-border carpool rides are legal, says the Land Transport Authority, but collecting money for these rides would contravene regulations.
  8. New Content Item

    US manufacturing sector barely better in May: ISM

    US manufacturing activity picked up slightly in May but still showed weakness as the global economic slump continues to weigh, according to the ...