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  1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    Harry Potter mobile game by makers of Pokemon Go launching on Jun 21

    In Niantic's free-to-play mobile game, players can capture magical creatures from the Harry Potter franchise, cast spells and explore locations ...
  2. Pokemon: Go wild in Sentosa's Safari Zone Pikachu

    Thousands flood Sentosa for Southeast Asia's first Pokemon Go Safari Zone event

  3. pokemon go is still alive

    Commentary: Pokemon Go is still alive and changing lives

    The game has become part of players' everyday life, changing how they commute and spend time with their family, say two observers.
  4. Botanic Gardens Learning Forest 1

    Conservation-focused Learning Forest opens at Singapore Botanic Gardens

    Located within the Tyersall-Gallop extension of the Gardens, the 10-hectare Learning Forest aims to restore the natural conditions of lowland ...
  5. Norway PM

    Norway's Prime Minister caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament

    Erna Solberg was pictured playing the game during the opening debate at the Storting, Norway's parliament house, on Tuesday (Oct 4).
  6. file photo pokemon go players singapore

    Pokemon Go: Can the global phenomenon sustain its success?

    With reports saying interest in the game is already declining just two months afters its phenomenal launch, experts say developers will need to ...
  7. Pokemon Go Hougang 2

    Police advisory on Pokemon Go 'right response at this point': Yaacob

    The Minister for Communications and Information was responding to a question about Singapore's approach towards the popular mobile game.
  8. New Content Item

    Pokemon Go launches in Singapore

    The game, which brings the 20-year-old franchise into the real world via augmented reality, allows players to walk around the streets while ...