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  1. Noise cancelling device NTU

    Device that can cut noise pollution by half developed by NTU researchers

  2. Buildings are seen amid smog on a polluted day where a blue alert is issued, in Beijing

    China cuts smog but health damage already done: Study

    While China has made progress cutting smog, the damage to the health of millions of people may already have been done, especially as the ...
  3. Citarum river

    The toxic waste that enters Indonesia’s Citarum River, one of the world's most polluted

  4. Plastic sea 1

    'So much plastic': British diver swims in sea of rubbish off Bali

    The waters off the Indonesian resort island of Bali turned into a sea of rubbish on Saturday (Mar 3) after ocean currents brought in a deluge of ...
  5. Taj Mahal 3

    The Taj Mahal: On the road to a world wonder

  6. New Content Item

    Monument-filled, traffic-clogged Rome to ban diesel cars by 2024

  7. Mongolia air pollution

    Mongolian air pollution causing health crisis: UNICEF

  8. plastic straw

    Taiwan to ban plastic straws, cups by 2030

  9. Skyline is seen through morning air pollution in Bangkok

    Bangkok air pollution warning, children asked to stay indoors