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  1. A man holding his wallet.

    Commentary: Want to fight inequality? How about paying higher taxes first?

    Several of the super-rich, in the US and elsewhere, openly support the broad left and its objective of curbing extreme inequalities, says ...
  2. people rushing commuting walking to work

    Commentary: Cash-rich, time-poor wealthy are always in a hurry

    It seems that people with more money find more things to do with their time, so feel more time pressure, says Financial Times' Tim Harford.
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Three stories on why tackling poverty requires active listening

    We need to listen to the experiences of families, try to understand the effects of policies, and deliberate as a society about the minimum ...
  4. (ry) helping joy 1

    Bringing a little joy to the old, lonely and infirm

    How volunteers from one community group, who got together via social media, are bringing warmth into the lives of solitary elderly folks in need.
  5. (pp) Library man 1

    From rags to reading: Myanmar’s library hero

    Zaw Zaw was a poor villager from Mandalay, whose insatiable hunger for books drove him to Yangon. There, his love for reading bore fruit and ...
  6. Hurricane Matthew

    Natural disasters push 26m into poverty annually: World Bank

    The disasters also cause more than US$500 billion in lost consumption, far exceeding the value of damage to property alone.