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  1. FILE PHOTO: Workers wave CGT labour union flags with an image of revolutionary hero Ernesto "C

    Che Guevara poster artist looks back on 50 revolutionary years

    Fifty years after creating the Che Guevara poster that still adorns student bedrooms around the world, Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick is delighted ...
  2. CNA Lifestyle

    K-pop label faces fan, investor fury after firing dating artists

  3. Asia Default Image

    Rumour has it 17-year-old Chinese wants to be a billionaire

  4. Show DC

    Korean-themed mall opens in Bangkok

    The mall has a "K-District" on the first floor which boasts street fashion, cosmetics, cafes and restaurants owned by K-Pop artists.
  5. Jago Close in Katong

    Five on Friday: 5 food haunts we wish would come back

    In our regular end-of-the-week look at what is happening in pop culture, Channel NewsAsia's Ramesh William takes a wistful gander down culinary ...
  6. T2 trainspotting

    Five on Friday: 5 anti-hero film sequels we would like to see

    In our regular end-of-the-week look at what is happening in pop culture, Ramesh William hopes the return of Trainspotting spawns a comeback for ...
  7. Najib Ali 1

    The young are suffering from an options paralysis: Najip Ali

    "There is a lot of fear. Fear and insecurity. They worry about things like how many “likes” do I have? How many “dislikes” on Facebook? " says ...
  8. composite_Hid_FOF

    Five on Friday: 5 celebs who would break the most hearts if they got married

    In our regular end-of-the-week look at what's happening in pop culture, Hidayah Salamat looks at who else might be eligible, now that Rain is taken.
  9. Spider harry potter hat

    Indian scientists name new spider after Harry Potter hat

    Indian scientists have discovered a new species of spider that looks 'uncannily' like the sorting hat in Harry Potter and have named it after its ...
  10. (ry) crossplay 1

    The not-so-secret life of Singapore’s crossplayers

    These men defy social norms in the name of cosplaying by putting on makeup, wigs and posing in elaborate costumes.