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  1. Cruz family 2

    Becoming Singaporean: In the shoes of a Filipino migrant family

    ​​​​​​​Andre and Vicky Cruz moved to Singapore with their four children in 2007. Here’s how a family faced challenges with open minds and resolve, ...
  2. New Content Item
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    Ep 2: Balanced Development

    First described by geographer Hu Huanyong in 1935, the "Hu Line" represents China's stark realities - from an unbalanced population distribution, ...
  3. Two women wearing glasses looking at a laptop

    Commentary: Should women stay single?

    Women worldwide have high expectations for marriage, and more decide to stay single to pursue their own ambitions, says Joseph Chamie.
  4. Jews and Parsis form part of the Singapore Mosaic
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    Ep 1: Jews & Parsis

    200 years after they first settled in Singapore, the Jews and the Parsis continue to make it their home. We look at how they have redefined, ...
  5. Wedding ring

    Number of citizen marriages in Singapore lowest since 2013

  6. South Korean elderly find new friends in AI speakers | Video
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    South Korean elderly find new friends in AI speakers | Video

    South Koreans are aging rapidly with the elderly population accounting for more than 14 per cent of its 51 million population. Many elderly are ...
  7. America takes measures to tackle waste | Video
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    America takes measures to tackle waste | Video

    The global population generates over two billion tonnes of waste each year. A new report points to the US as the number one offender, creating 12 ...
  8. Japan's Demographic Time Bomb
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    Ep 15: Japan's Demographic Time Bomb

    Japan tackles traditional values to deal with a labour shortage, sparked by rapidly decreasing birth rates and an ageing society.
  9. Armenians and Arabs form part of Singapore's rich culture
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    Ep 2: Arabs & Armenians

    For 200 years, the Arabs and the Armenians have built a bond with Singapore. We examine what it takes for them to preserve that legacy and ...
  10. Singapore Mosaic Episode 1 Trailer
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    Singapore Mosaic Episode 1 Trailer

    The Jews and the Parsis have made Singapore their home for the past 200 years. We look at how they have embraced life the Singapore way.