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  1. Preschool teacher

    Commentary: Why we need to teach pre-schoolers protective skills to stop child sexual abuse

    The recent spate of child sexual abuse cases shows we need to empower children and this needs to start at pre-school, says the vice-chairman of ...
  2. Baby sleeping

    Commentary: Napping helps your pre-schooler learn better

    Beyond the emotional regulation payoff, naps also provide a direct benefit to learning, says an observer.
  3. Preschool reopen star learners classroom

    Commentary: Are we ready to send our children back to pre-school?

    Parents find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place as younger pre-school children return to school, says June Yong.
  4. Preschool reopen pats schoolhouse meal area

    Back to class: How different pre-schools address parents’ worries about COVID-19

    Keeping young children apart and getting them to wear their masks properly can be challenging – and a few parents don’t want to take the risk ...
  5. Preschool teacher

    Commentary: Why do parents still pay top dollar for pre-schools when there are more affordable options?

    Doubling the early childhood education budget may make high-quality pre-schools accessible to more, says Annie Tan.