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  1. Police officers check the identity cards of a people as security forces keep watch in a street in K

    China urges US to "abandon prejudice" over Xinjiang

    China said on Wednesday that it resolutely opposes the United States using the Xinjiang issue to interfere in its internal affairs, as the Trump ...
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    CMIO racial categorisation 'imperfect, but functional': Janil Puthucheary

    “There are any number of policies where we are interventionalist in order to preserve harmony,” says the Minister of State for Communications and ...
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    Singapore's ability to tackle transnational crime, terrorism enhanced: MHA

    The Registration of Criminals (Amendment) Act facilitates “the sharing of information recorded in the Register of Criminals with foreign law ...
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    Nepal earthquake trauma victims fight prejudice to improve mental health

    The Nepal earthquake in 2015 triggered a national discussion in a country that has traditionally shunned the mental health field.