presidential election

presidential election

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    Algeria to hold presidential election on April 18

  2. New Content Item

    Congo under mounting foreign pressure for vote recount

  3. Supporters of Madagascar Presidential candidate Marc Ravalomanana attend a campaign rally at the Ma

    Madagascar set to vote in presidential election

    Millions of people in Madagascar vote on Wednesday in a presidential election in which three leading politicians vie to run a country struggling ...
  4. Paul Manafort

    Trump's ex-campaign chief Manafort found guilty of tax, bank fraud

  5. FILE PHOTO: Democratic Republic of Congo's President Joseph Kabila addresses a news conference

    Congo's Kabila to step down ahead of presidential election

    Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila will not stand in December's presidential election, a spokesman said on Wednesday, announcing ...
  6. Ahmed Shafiq

    Egypt ex-PM Shafiq says will not stand for president in 2018

  7. sylvia lim workers' party

    Sylvia Lim to speak on Presidential Election at Oct 3 Parliament sitting

    The Workers' Party's adjournment motion on the topic was balloted out twice in previous rounds.