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  1. St Margaret's Primary School

    Commentary: Move by St Margaret’s Primary a test of parents’ ability to deal with change. Will they rise to the challenge?

    Change can be frustrating, but parents should embrace it and adapt to inconveniences, says one parent whose daughter is in St Margaret’s Primary.
  2. St Margaret's Primary School

    Parents raise concerns as St Margaret’s Primary announces temporary move to MacPherson

    The school, which is currently located at Wilkie Road in the Selegie area, told parents in a letter that the school would be relocating to a ...
  3. primary school students first day of school 2018 (1)

    Commentary: Applied Learning a good move, but how about some school-life balance first?

    Will there still be enough time for play, tinkering and creativity to flourish in a child's mad-packed schedule? One mother of three discusses the ...
  4. Fern Green Primary school students 2

    Commentary: The education system is changing, but does true change remain elusive?

    With the move to roll out Applied Learning Programmes to all primary schools by 2023, Channel NewsAsia’s Bharati Jagdish discusses whether the ...
  5. Mexico quake

    Blame starts to fly over Mexico quake collapse

    Mexico City's mayor, the education minister, and the top official for the district all traded blame after reports that the Enrique Rebsamen ...
  6. school canteen singapore

    Commentary: Will our children still have a habit of saving, financial literacy in a cashless society?

    As we move towards becoming a cashless society, don’t neglect the need for financial literacy, argues Alex Chow.
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: The struggle parents face in picking a 'good school' for their child

    Getting your child into a good primary school remains a preoccupation for most parents, but mother of three June Yong reveals why it doesn’t mean ...
  8. New Content Item

    Singapore parents generally satisfied with primary education system: IPS survey

    The survey also found that most parents agree that the schools their children go to are considered a “good school”.
  9. New Content Item

    School mergers in 2019: 5 questions answered

    The Ministry of Education has just announced mergers affecting 14 primary schools, six secondary schools and eight junior colleges in 2019. Here's ...
  10. Haresh Sharma

    'Artists are not criminals': Haresh Sharma reflects on 30 years as a playwright

    Veteran playwright Haresh Sharma looks back at 30 years of The Necessary Stage.