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  1. Japan Display affiliate becomes nation's first to commercially sell OLED screens

    An affiliate of Japan Display Inc sold its inaugural batch of OLED screens on Tuesday, becoming the first Japanese company to commercialise an ...
  2. Thyssenkrupp steps up 3D printing operations

    Thyssenkrupp opened a 3D printing center in the industrial heartland of western Germany on Friday as part of its efforts to tap into an expanding ...
  3. Kenyan court nullifies contract for printing presidential ballot papers

    A Kenyan court on Friday nullified the contract for printing presidential ballot papers, a victory for the opposition which is concerned about the ...
  4. Premium Aerotec picks way through 3D printing challenges

  5. 3D technologies set to up aerospace companies' competitive edge

    3D printing will complement the growth of the aerospace industry by helping to lower manufacturing costs and allowing greater flexibility in ...
  6. Sundown Marathon participants riled over race pack collection delays

    Some people were angry that they had to wait more than two hours in the sun to pick up their race packs.
  7. What goes into the making of a Chinese dragon?

    In the past, Chinese dragons sold in Singapore would cost at least S$5,000. But these days, a dragon is easily available for as little as S$1,500.
  8. Singapore firms tapping 3D printing tech for new growth opportunities

    Some of the joint industry research projects under the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster include 3D printing of tissue implants ...
  9. Commentary: How 3D printing could disrupt Asia’s manufacturing economies

    From retail goods to medical implants and even food, 3D printing technology promises to change the way we think about everyday things. It is ...
  10. UPS, Fast Radius to open first 3D printing factory in Singapore

    The factory, which is expected to open in Singapore by the end of the year, will be run by the delivery company's US-based partner Fast Radius