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  1. SME

    Commentary: SMEs welcomed support from Budget 2020. Of course they all would

    Since the Singapore economy is largely dependent on small enterprises it is necessary to shore them up, says Nicholas Sim.
  2. FILE PHOTO: People attend TechFair LA, a technology job fair, in Los Angeles

    US weekly jobless claims at nine-month low; productivity rebounds

    The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits dropped to a nine-month low last week, suggesting a tightening labor market would ...
  3. FILE PHOTO:  Work crews construct a new hotel complex on oceanfront property in Encinitas, Californ

    US productivity rebounds in fourth quarter; labor costs growth slows

    U.S. worker productivity rebounded in the fourth quarter, keeping labor costs in check.
  4. Toilet bowl

    Commentary: Some companies target toilet breaks to improve productivity. But it’s wrong and won’t work

    Tilting toilets are the latest suggestion to limit time spent on the loo at work, says Nesta's Madeleine Gabriel.
  5. China economy

    Commentary: As China's growth slows, what prospects lie ahead for the world economy

    Since many countries fell short of their growth potential in the 2010s, in the decade ahead, the world will need a productivity miracle to offset ...
  6. carbon emissions

    Commentary: What if governments and firms measure the one thing that matters most – carbon productivity?

    Labour productivity is less important than you might think. People are not a finite resource, but allowable carbon emissions are, says an expert.
  7. Getting It Right
    Media playtime

    Ep 27: Getting It Right

    The haze is back - how do businesses deal with it? And, the link between sleep and productivity. Plus, personalized nutrition is growing popular ...
  8. Office workers

    Commentary: Employers have obsessed over productivity. They need to focus on people instead

    Businesses need to take extra steps to foster a positive company culture which can enable employees to attain balance in their lives while still ...
  9. Screen time smartphone iPad laptop

    Commentary: Long hours at the office could be killing you

    Workaholism can turn into a potentially fatal disorder, says University of Warwick's Shainaz Firfiray.
  10. musical paralysis headphones

    Commentary: Working with background music may boost your productivity

    But you should note that the optimal level of noise could be different for everyone, says Edith Cowan University's Onno van der Groen.