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  1. Britain Euro 2020 Soccer

    Commentary: Here’s the kind of normal you should aim to return to after COVID-19

    COVID-19 has given us the gift of a reboot, and we can be intentional about what we choose to do with it, says a psychologist.
  2. Woman working on laptop at home

    Commentary: Why are some people less productive than others when working from home?

    The vast majority of those polled said they got more done at home but prolonged isolation that comes from not being around colleagues does take a ...
  3. Screen time smartphone iPad laptop

    Commentary: How to encourage cyber-safe habits at work without being a jerk

    Many workplaces still see cyber-unsafe behaviour as broadly acceptable and the pressure to do something unsafe when on deadline can be profound ...
  4. Acing the online interview EMAIL

    Commentary: You're using email all wrong and it's causing angst to everyone else

    Emails are problematic not when they use the wrong sign-off but when they waste time and attention, says the Financial Times’ Tim Harford.
  5. Close-up of fingers on a keyboard

    Commentary: Thousands of emails in your inbox? You may be a digital hoarder

    Research has begun to recognise that hoarding can be a problem in the digital world, says a psychology professor.
  6. Man using handphone while looking out of window

    Commentary: Here’s a way to avoid Zoom burnout – revert to good old phone calls

    There’s evidence that using audio only might be more productive than an overload of screen meetings, says a researcher.
  7. A digital collaboration tool like no other

    A digital collaboration tool like no other

    For Singapore Raffles Music College, Lark served as both a learning platform that connected students across geographical borders and a ...
  8. Construction workers assemble a scaffold at a job site, as phase one of reopening after lockdown be

    US productivity posts biggest drop since 1981 in fourth quarter

    U.S. worker productivity fell at its steepest pace since 1981 in the fourth quarter, but the trend remains solid as the COVID-19 pandemic weighs ...
  9. Sparking joy in teamwork

    Sparking joy in teamwork

    As working outside the office becomes more prevalent, organisations can harness the right tools to ensure effective collaboration and productivity.