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  1. Garden Vines @ Tengah BTO project

    HDB launches 8,170 new flats in November sales exercise, includes 3 Tengah BTO projects

  2. London luxury homes on sale

    Brexit bargains: London’s luxury homes on discount, foreign buyers benefit

    Since the referendum in June 2016, house prices in prime central London have dropped between 14 and 19 per cent. The fall in the value of sterling ...
  3. Commercial and residential property prices in Hong Kong have been fuelled by an influx of money from

    Commentary: Have Hong Kong's bloated property giants had a change of heart?

    The widening focus of Hong Kong’s protests highlights the stasis of a sector out of step with the times, says the Financial Times’ Henny Sender.
  4. Singapore Property Market
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    Ep 31: Singapore Property Market

    An economic slowdown looms but there will be bigger subsidies for public housing. What's the impact on the HDB resale, condo and landed housing ...
  5. Working with a property agent to deal with paperwork

    Commentary: When do you really need a property agent?

    A controversial case involving a property agent suspended for unethical behaviour has provoked discussion over whether it’s better to sell your ...
  6. Hong Kong has been hit by months of sometimes violent protests that have hit the city's

    Hong Kong home prices ease for 4th consecutive month in September

  7. The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

    Bangkok freehold property: Hotel-style apartments atop a luxury shopping mall

    Perched on the banks of the Chao Phraya, the first Mandarin Oriental-branded residence in Southeast Asia is a 52-storey condominium that is a part ...
  8. Tropical glamour house

    Home Tour: A sprawling Good Class Bungalow designed like a tropical resort

    Indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly within this family home, making the most of Singapore’s balmy climate.
  9. HDB resale prices inch up 0.1% in Q3, private home prices rise 1.3% | Video
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    HDB resale prices inch up 0.1% in Q3, private home prices rise 1.3% | Video

    HDB resale prices inched up in the third quarter of the year, breaking a streak of declines. Meanwhile, private home prices continued to climb.
  10. 10 private estates to get S$29 million upgrading | Video
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    10 private estates to get S$29 million upgrading | Video

    The Ministry of National Development (MND) said on Friday (Oct 25) that it will set aside S$29 million to upgrade another 10 private estates. CNA ...