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  1. Demonstrators hold anti-Tesla posters during a protest against plans by U.S. electric vehicle pione

    "You're stealing our water": Germans protest against Tesla gigafactory

    Around 250 Germans on Saturday protested in the outskirts of Berlin where electric car startup Tesla is planning to build a gigafactory, saying ...
  2. Anti-government protesters gather outside of the residence of Hassan Diab

    Lebanese protest at new PM's home, demand he quits

    Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Beirut home of Lebanon's new prime minister on Saturday (Dec 28), calling for Hassan Diab's resignation ...
  3. Tear gas canisters are fired by Israeli forces at Palestinian demonstrators

    Hundreds join final Gaza-Israel border protests for three months

    Hundreds of Palestinians took part in protests along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday (Dec 27), the last of the Hamas-backed demonstrations until ...
  4. Protesters take to the streets in the capital Algiers

    Algerians protest against new president but some say it's time for dialogue

    Tens of thousands of Algerians demonstrated on Friday (Dec 27) for the second consecutive week since the contentious election of a new president, ...
  5. People attend a demonstration to protest femicide and violence against women in Paris

    Tens of thousands march in France to condemn domestic violence

    Tens of thousands of people took the streets of Paris and other French cities on Saturday to protest against domestic violence, after more than ...
  6. A riot police officer scuffles with protesters as he tries to detain a protester at a shopping mall

    Scores injured, one critical in chaotic weekend of Hong Kong protests

    Three people were in critical condition in Hong Kong, police said on Monday, after a weekend of chaotic clashes with anti-government protesters, ...