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  1. About 15 million people in the region directly or indirectly depend on Bangladesh's

    Bangladesh highway blocked as fishermen protest catch ban

    Several thousand fishermen blocked Bangladesh's busiest highway Sunday, police said, as protests escalated over a two-month fishing ban in the Bay ...
  2. Khartoum residents have mostly remained indoors over the past few days

    Sudan police fire tear gas as civil disobedience campaign begins

    Sudanese police fired tear gas Sunday at protesters taking part in the first day of a civil disobedience campaign, called in the wake of a deadly ...
  3. HK protesters march during a rally against a controversial extradition law proposal

    Violence breaks out as police try to clear Hong Kong protesters

  4. FILE PHOTO: Demonstrators march along Whitehall during an Extinction Rebellion protest in London

    Extinction Rebellion considers using drones to shut Heathrow Airport

    Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion are considering using drones to shut London's Heathrow Airport this summer in a campaign against plans ...
  5. Protesters take part in a march ahead of June 4 anniversary of military crackdown on pro-democracy

    Hong Kong protestors demand China be held to account for 1989 Tiananmen incident

    Thousands of protesters marched through central Hong Kong on Sunday (May 26) as part of annual demonstrations demanding that China be held ...
  6. Warning that "you are treating the Earth as if there were another one in reserve," young

    Youths rally in climate protest before EU vote

    Hundreds of thousands of young climate activists rallied across Europe Friday ahead of EU Parliament elections as part of protests worldwide ...
  7. Protesters at Brexit debate

    Protesters strip off in British Parliament during Brexit debate

  8. Protesters wearing yellow vests walk down the Champs Elysees during a demonstration by the "ye

    Hundreds march in Paris as childminders join 'yellow vest' protests

    Hundreds of "yellow vest" protesters began marches in Paris on Saturday, marking the 17th straight weekend of anti-government demonstrations ...