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  1. (cr) A-level commentary

    Commentary: How I picked up the pieces after failing my A-Level exams

    While his peers at a top junior college were looking at a string of As, Marvin Kang was the rare exception with a slew of Ds. Yet, that led to ...
  2. The Big Read: Goodbye T-score, goodbye PSLE stress? 1

    The Big Read: Goodbye T-score, goodbye PSLE stress? Not so fast, as anxious parents size up new scoring system

    Based on interviews with parents and their children, more often than not, it is the adults who appear to be more anxious than their kids taking ...
  3. 2020 PSLE results (1)

    Commentary: PSLE scores could impact life outcomes. So don’t let them

    Where PSLE scores have been a high-stakes milestone for years, the shift towards subject-based banding (SBB) will change that. But SBB also has ...
  4. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    PSLE results: Three working adults confront its impact and other surprising revelations years later

    Every year, thousands of 12-year olds and their parents fret for days over a slip of paper they believe will seal their fate for the rest of their ...
  5. 2020 PSLE results

    PSLE results: 98.4% of students can progress to secondary school

  6. PSLE results day 2019 (5)

    Commentary: Kids taking PSLE next year may have a very different experience

    The new scoring system for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a chance to focus on our child’s development rather than fixate on the ...
  7. PSLE results 2018 students 2

    Commentary: PSLE scores and the problem with the beloved late bloomer narrative

    Some people might never bloom at all, at least according to society’s standards. But in a performance-driven society, so what? Does being ...
  8. Talking Point host Steven Chia being shown a typical math problem
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    Ep 32: Are Our PSLE Maths Papers Too Difficult?

    PSLE Maths papers have been the thorn in the side of some parents who claim they're just too tough for twelve-year olds. But are they really? And ...