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  1. A man sits on a bench safe distancing Marina Bay Singapore

    Commentary: This circuit breaker is making us yearn for human interaction more

    Humans are social beings who yield for interaction and the circuit breaker will not change that inert need for external engagement, says ...
  2. bored man

    Commentary: Beware the incoming pandemic of boredom

    In addition to confinement, flu-like symptoms, and deaths, COVID-19 also has delivered a potent existential threat in the form of mass ennui, says ...
  3. Healthcare workers have also set up drive-in test centres

    Commentary: Why clapping for COVID-19 carers feels so strangely uplifting

    The effects of everyone coming together to show their appreciation for these groups of people went beyond feeling grateful, says Catherine Loveday.
  4. Black and white photo of man looking out of window

    COVID-19 news making you anxious? Heed these expert tips on how to stay calm

    It’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed during these distressing times – but there are ways to lessen the psychological impact.  
  5. International outpouring of support after video of bullied Australian child goes viral

    Commentary: Many parents don’t know how to react when kids get bullied – and that’s okay

    It might not come naturally but parents eventually need to learn how to deal with such scenarios, including developing competencies and support ...
  6. Eight habits of the highly intelligent

    The 8 habits of highly intelligent people, and what you can learn from them

    If you want to adopt the best practices of smart folks, treat everything as a learning opportunity, gather insights from various sources, and say ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: I vowed never again to buy snacks when grocery shopping but can't stop

    Can pre-ordering groceries help shoppers avoid making impulse purchases and make healthier choices instead? That seems to be the case, says ...
  8. couple laughing, on a date

    Commentary: Relationships - yes you have a type. It's likely to be your ex

    But there are plenty other factors that influence who we enter into a romantic relationship with, says Brunel University London's Stanley Gaines.