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  1. Japan emergency brake

    Old and deadly: Japan's drive to beat elderly road menace

    A series of fatal crashes caused by elderly drivers in Japan has left authorities desperately grappling for ways to clamp down on a problem that ...
  2. Monkey at segar

    Segar monkey attacks likely caused by single monkey: AVA

    In a statement issued to the media, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority says it is "not normal" for monkeys to approach people and enter homes, ...
  3. Monkey at segar

    Elderly man bitten by monkey at Bukit Panjang in stable condition: MP

    The man's injury is believed to have been inflicted by a monkey who has been reportedly entering homes at the Segar area in Bukit Panjang and ...
  4. Monkey business

    Monkey situation in Bukit Panjang a 'public safety risk': AVA

    An elderly man was attacked by a wild primate while he was sitting on a bench at Segar Road on Monday morning (Apr 17).
  5. SAF SPF joint patrol 2

    Singapore to introduce new laws on building, events security: Shanmugam

    Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam shared these plans with Channel NewsAsia ahead of his ministries' Committee of Supply debate.
  6. pasir ris boar 2

    Wild boar feedback more than quadruples in last 2 years

    In 2016, Singapore’s veterinary authority received 140 pieces of feedback about the animals and euthanised 21 of them as a result.
  7. Thai computerr

    Thailand passes controversial cyber-crime law

    Thailand's parliament on Friday passed a controversial cyber-crime law that critics say strengthens the junta's ability to police the web and ...
  8. Blk 51 Circuit Rd

    Town councils to take action after parts fall off Circuit Rd, Hougang blocks

    The town councils in charge of the blocks are taking measures to prevent the incidents from recurring, says the Building and Construction Authority
  9. New Content Item

    Increased security on Los Angeles metro after bomb threat

    Authorities ratcheted up security on the Los Angeles metro following a tip from overseas about an impending bomb attack Tuesday (Dec 6) against a ...
  10. drone sky afp

    'Sky's the limit' in Singapore's bid to become a drone hub

    As public and private entities here continue to explore the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, observers predict a “rapid and astronomical growth” ...