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  1. Long-winged Tomb Bat

    5 new species of fauna recorded at Pulau Ubin

  2. Ubin Lim Chen Sian at gun emplacement

    Digging up the past: Searching for treasures to unlock more of Singapore's history

    With many potential archaeological sites in Singapore that have not been investigated yet, the hope is that undiscovered artefacts can reveal even ...
  3. Ahmad bin Kassim

    War in Pulau Ubin: How Ahmad Kassim lived through the Japanese Occupation

    The story of how a long-time Pulau Ubin resident fled from Johor Bahru and survived the war is one of many featured at the National Museum of ...
  4. Ubin A

    More Pulau Ubin kampong houses to be restored

  5. ubin lifeguard 1

    The volunteer lifeguards of Singapore's Pulau Ubin: ‘We won’t give up until the body is found’

    Kampong spirit lives on in a community christened “Sea Angel”, who conduct their own search-and-rescue efforts in waters off Singapore.