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  1. Investors have been cheered by a toning down of rhetoric between the US and Iran, with Donald Trump

    Commentary: Trump walks away clean from Soleimani fallout

    Doubts over legality, intelligence and impeachment didn’t keep the US president from claiming a big win, says an observer.
  2. Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani (right)

    Commentary: Amid brewing tensions and deadly strikes, intermediaries facilitate US-Iran diplomacy

    Neutral third parties play a critical role in facilitating the conduct of diplomacy in harsh times, says Klaus W Larres.
  3. Iranian people celebrate in the street after Iran launched missiles at U.S.-led forces in Iraq, in

    Commentary: Why Iran won’t seek direct confrontation with the US

    Given the perils of direct confrontation with the US, the most likely recourse for Iran may be to mobilise its proxy militias to attack American ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Supreme leader display seen at Baharestan Square in Tehran

    Outgunned, Iran invests in means to indirectly confront superpower enemy

    Iran's launching of more than a dozen missiles at American-led forces in Iraq on Wednesday came after years of preparing for a confrontation with ...