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  1. Rantau, Negeri Sembilan

    Commentary: In Malaysia, where identity politics trumped all for the third time

    The Rantau by-election victory is a morale boost for Barisan Nasional’s leading party UMNO, facing a leadership crisis, and a huge blow to the ...
  2. PAS supporters

    Commentary: Race, religion and rhetoric ramp up in New Malaysia

    With a formal UMNO-PAS alliance, the Pakatan Harapan faces a greater temptation to appeal to baser exclusivist narratives, says the Institute of ...
  3. list of songs with offensive lyrics

    'Untrue' that list of 'offensive' songs circulated in Parliament is to be banned: Shanmugam

  4. Harmony train stickers

    Shanmugam warns 'serious consequences can follow’ when countries are lax about hate speech

    Delivering a ministerial statement in Parliament on Monday (Apr 1), Mr Shanmugam stressed the importance of Singapore continuing to prohibit hate ...
  5. K Shanmugam at RRG

    Plans for 'proper debate' on issues like hate speech, race and religion in Parliament next month: Shanmugam

  6. racial harmony day

    8 in 10 Singaporeans satisfied with relations between different races, religions: MCCY survey

  7. Malaysia ICERD rally crowd and flags

    Commentary: So much for a new Malaysia

    The massive anti-ICERD rally and ensuing political dynamics suggest the start of the end of Malaysia’s honeymoon period, says James Chin.
  8. FILE PHOTO: Francesco Starace (L), CEO and general manager of Enel Group, shakes hand with Alejandr

    Formula E faces moment of truth in season five

    Formula E starts its fifth season next week, braced for a big breakthrough but already looking far down the road to a future when its all-electric ...