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  1. Devastated locals surveyed the damage as the rains finally subsided

    'Utterly ruined': The debris-strewn aftermath of China's record rains

    Homes in ruins, pulverised roads and a sea of mud coating cars, the once affluent central Chinese town of Mihe was still in shock Thursday as ...
  2. Office workers at Raffles Place in Singapore

    Commentary: Shorts and slippers aren’t sloppy – they’re sensible attire for Singapore’s weather

    We can ditch being dressed in long-sleeved shirts and pants if we rethink how we cool our buildings, says Ho Xiang Tian of LepakInSG.
  3. Cyclist in the rain, Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Not quite winter in Singapore, but no shame in bringing out the sweaters and jackets

    Sweater weather has arrived, says Cherie Tseng, as Singaporeans have responded to the cold weather by pulling out their warmer clothing from the ...