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  1. A sign warning employees not to connect devices to the network in the wake of a cyber attack is see

    Aluminium maker Hydro battles to contain ransomware attack

    Norsk Hydro, one of the world's largest aluminium producers, battled on Tuesday to contain a cyber attack which halted parts of its production, ...
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    Commentary: Time to fix your bad cyber habits

    After last year's cybersecurity lapses, we should resolve to be more careful this year, says one observer.
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    Commentary: The four deadly cybersecurity sins most of us are guilty of

    Safeguarding your files and personal information on your smartphone or laptop from hackers is not rocket science, yet many negate to take basic ...
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    'We were just lucky': Cybersecurity chief on attacks in Singapore in 2017

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    New malware attack hits parts of Europe

  6. Ransomware

    Ransomware attacks 'global epidemic', says Europol

  7. Supermarket in Ukraine hit by Petya

    Was Ukraine the target of the global Petya ransomware attack?

    The usual indicators of a ransomware – such as having several bitcoin wallets and encrypted communications path – are missing from the latest ...
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    Several major firms say targets of international ransomware attack