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  1. FILE PHOTO: Mexico, U.S. to discuss NAFTA replacement, border delays

    Mexico, US to discuss NAFTA replacement, border delays

    Mexican government and business leaders meet with their U.S. counterparts for a second straight day on Friday, seeking to hasten ratification of a ...
  2. Balakrishnan and Retno

    Singapore and Indonesia agree on third maritime border treaty

    The two countries’ foreign ministers on Friday (Feb 10) exchanged the Instruments of Ratification for the Treaty which will soon be registered ...
  3. Colombian Congress

    Colombian Congress ratifies peace deal with FARC, ending 52-year war

    The Colombian Congress a ratified a revised pact with the FARC group, after an earlier version was rejected in a nationwide referendum.
  4. About one-third of global trade flows through the Malacca Strait, which runs between Indonesia,

    Indonesia moves closer to ratifying maritime border treaty with Singapore

    Indonesian parliamentarians are considering the ratification of the maritime border between Indonesia and Singapore following an agreement that ...
  5. India climate change

    India ratifies historic Paris climate change pact

    India, with a population of 1.3 billion people, is the latest big polluter to formally sign onto the historic accord which now takes a major step ...