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  1. rats

    Kidneys grown in rats could pave way for human transplant options

  2. Sunny Heights Day Care Centre

    Dog daycare centre issued with isolation order after spike in leptospirosis cases

    A total of 18 suspected cases of the bacterial disease have been reported so far this year, with seven fatalities. One of the suspected cases has ...
  3. Pek Kio Market

    Outbreak of gastroenteritis at Owen Road over: Authorities

    Of 26 stool samples collected from the 180 people who fell ill, 23 had tested positive for Rotavirus, the Health Ministry says.
  4. Pek Kio Market and Food Centre reopens

    144 gastroenteritis cases linked to Owen Road outbreak: Authorities

    Of these, 17 patients have been admitted to hospital with seven since discharged and the rest in stable condition, the authorities say.
  5. Kakapo parrot

    Rare NZ parrot not dead, just pining for fiords: Minister

    The kakapo, a plump green parrot that nests on the ground, was once thought extinct but its numbers have slowly increased thanks to an intensive ...
  6. New Content Item

    NEA to tighten enforcement to tackle growing rat population

    About 43,000 rat burrows were detected in 2015, about 1,000 more compared to the previous year. Over the two years, 85 per cent were found in ...
  7. waterway point

    Pest control checks done nightly: Waterway Point

    The National Environment Agency says it has taken enforcement action against both the mall management and a food shop. This comes after a patron ...