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  1. UAE announces US$684 million Raytheon laser guided bomb kit order

    The United Arab Emirates' military said on Tuesday it was buying laser-guided missiles from US-based Raytheon Co in a deal worth 2.5 billion ...
  2. Raytheon wins US$2.87 billion US defense contract: Pentagon

  3. Raytheon wins US$1.5 billion US defense contract: pentagon

    Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, a unit of Raytheon Co , is being awarded a U.S. defense contract with a maximum value of US$1.5 billion, the ...
  4. Raytheon wins end to whistleblower's US$1 billion satellite lawsuit

    Raytheon Co on Thursday won the dismissal of a US$1 billion whistleblower lawsuit accusing the defense contractor of overbilling the U.S.
  5. CEO of Raytheon's Forcepoint eyes IPO

  6. Raytheon to restart SM-2 missile line after US$650 million sale: executive

    U.S. missile maker Raytheon plans to announce it will restart its Standard Missile 2 (SM-2) production line after a US$650 million dollar order ...
  7. Poland plans Trump-era defence spending splurge, critics say 'unrealistic'

    Poland's new plans to nearly double defence spending and add a further 100,000 personnel to its armed forces seem, on paper, to be just what NATO ...
  8. US stocks rise for third straight session

  9. US stocks dip as March job growth lags

    Wall Street stocks finished modestly lower on Friday (Apr 7), digesting a lacklustre US jobs report and news of Pentagon missile strikes on Syria ...
  10. Tech shares pull back, but Dow hits another record

    Gains in petroleum-linked shares pushed the Dow to a fresh record on Monday, but the S&P 500 and Nasdaq fell on weakness in technology and defence ...