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  1. The China-backed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has been hailed as an antidote

    Commentary: Don't be too quick to dismiss the economic benefits of RCEP for Southeast Asia

    Reductions in tariffs on goods, which benefit China, are often overestimated in such calculations, whereas reduction in barriers impacting ...
  2. A protest in Washington on December 12, 2020 drew several thousand supporters of President Donald

    Commentary: US paid dearly for absence in Pacific trade deal

    The opportunity costs in terms of incomes and jobs make joining the Comprehensive Partnership for Trans-Pacific Partnership a top priority for the ...
  3. After the US election was called for Joe Biden 'there was a huge sigh of relief' within

    Commentary: Is it too late for the US to join the CPTPP?

    Joe Biden faces an uphill climb in joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership because free trade agreements ...
  4. Singapore RCEP signing

    Commentary: RCEP a huge victory in tough times

    The regional agreement might be a small step towards something even greater, says an observer.
  5. Singapore port trade (4)

    Commentary: The RCEP will change the economics and politics of the region

    The US needs to rebalance its economic and security strategies to advance not only its economic interests, but also its security goals, say observers.