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  1. A mural of artist Banksy is seen on a wall at HM Reading Prison in Reading

    Banksy at work: Black hoodie, head torch, paint and freedom

    British artist Banksy has shared a video of himself in the process of painting stencil graffiti of a prisoner escaping which appeared on Monday on ...
  2. Person sitting crosslegged in bed and reading

    Commentary: Finding time to read is hard but here's how to get going again

    Finding regular time for reading literature is not easy, especially right now. That’s why we need to read in fragments, say English lecturers.
  3. File photo of kids reading books

    Commentary: Reading can be a useful escape from the circuit breaker in more ways than one

    Reading can provide solace to us as individuals, families and communities during this stay-at-home period, say Loh Chin Ee and Tan Tarn How.
  4. NYT - Illustration for reading better

    Why reading is like exercise for your body and how you can 'train' your mind

    It's a way to stimulate your mind in this age of messages, tweets and quick reads.
  5. A woman lies in the grass at Columbia University in New York

    Commentary: Your urge to get through the book is ruining reading

    No matter how fast we read, the vast majority of books will remain unknown to us, Sally O'Reilly from The Open University points out.
  6. parent reading child story book

    Commentary: Want your kids' vocab to improve? Read aloud to them

    Reading to your child can also strengthen your relationship with them and foster engagement, says education lecturer at Edith Cowan University, ...