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    New code of governance for charities to start from 2018

    One of the changes includes requiring charities to disclose the reasons for retaining board members who have served for more than 10 consecutive ...
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    Singapore's tourism numbers hit historic high in 2016

    Both visitor arrivals and tourism receipts exceeded forecasts despite challenging economic conditions last year, says the Singapore Tourism Board.
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    11% rise in international visitor arrivals to Singapore in Q2: STB

    Excluding expenditure on sightseeing, entertainment and gaming, China, Indonesia and India were the top three markets that contributed to tourism ...
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    Yang Yin jailed 26 months for committing fraud to gain PR status

    The former tour guide will be sentenced on Friday for another two charges of criminal breach of trust, for misappropriating S$1.1 million from ...
  5. yang yin tour guide

    Prosecutors seek more jail time for Yang Yin, whose ‘criminal odyssey’ lasted years

    Former tour guide Yang Yin had fooled at least five Government agencies to obtain permanent residency in Singapore, and also set up a sham company ...
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    No duplicate or fictitious payments made by AHTC: KPMG

    The payments, amounting to S$271,598.20, were "supported by document relating to purchase and receipt of the goods and/or services", auditor KPMG ...
  7. yang yin tour guide

    Yang Yin convicted of misappropriating S$1.1 million from elderly widow

    In court on Tuesday, Yang admitted that he misappropriated S$500,000 belonging to Madam Chung Khin Chun in 2010 and S$600,000 in 2012.
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    Yang Yin procured replica of painting to dupe widow: Prosecution

    Former China tour guide Yang Yin was entrusted with S$500,000 by an 89-year-old Singaporean widow to buy a painting, but he did not use it for its ...