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  1. The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York

    Commentary: This is how much Americans will pay to stop coronavirus spread and save lives

    A new analysis tried to estimate Americans' “willingness to pay” based on the implied value of social distancing and other public intervention ...
  2. Bottom Of The Barrel?
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    Ep 6: Bottom Of The Barrel?

    Oil prices on a rollercoaster ride - is the end in sight? Singapore's oil trading sector also coping with the collapse of a major player. And with ...
  3. Good List Bad List dual thumbnail
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    The one about the looming recession and a ban on 'uncivilised' behaviour in China

    Up for consideration this week: The large, abrupt shock from COVID-19 rattles Singapore’s economy and the outlook is bleak but what can we do to ...
  4. Economic Reboot
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    Ep 5: Economic Reboot

    China is back to work after the worst growth figures in three decades. How is the outlook for the next quarter shaping up, and what lessons can be ...
  5. The European Central Bank looks set to announce new measures to cushion the economic blow from the

    Commentary: 10 signs a greater depression is coming

    We may see an L-shaped greater depression later in this decade even if there is lacklustre economic recovery this year, says economist Nouriel ...
  6. The COVID-19 Impact
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    Ep 4: The COVID-19 Impact

    Warnings that COVID-19 could cause the worst depression ever. How will this impact the way we live, work and invest? And what might the new normal ...
  7. Nearly deserted Wall Street and steps of Federal Hall in lower Manhattan during outbreak of coronav

    Commentary: A financial crisis is underway, as demand collapse ripples through companies across the world

    There is good reason to worry that the world economy is heading into a deep, protracted recession, says Eswar Prasad and Ethan Wu.
  8. COVID-19: The Economic Contagion
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    Ep 2: COVID-19: The Economic Contagion

    Millions of jobs could be lost as economies grind to a halt in the midst of efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdowns imposed in ...