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  1. An ambitious project to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn't capturing tons of plastic

    Commentary: The world’s plastic problem is bigger than the ocean

    Sorting or recycling the estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world's oceans won't be easy, one observer points out.
  2. Malaysia plastic waste Chiam Yan Tuan

    Malaysia moves to reap the benefits of processing global plastic waste

    After China shut its doors to the world's plastic waste, Malaysia became a go-to destination for some countries looking to get rid of their trash.
  3. old sofa arm chair

    Commentary: One used sofa at a time, how upcycling slows waste

    By keeping products in use for as long as possible, websites are helping to reduce waste, says one observer.
  4. blue recycling bin

    7 in 10 people in Singapore do not know what plastics to recycle: SEC report

    This results in the majority of plastic products being disposed of as general waste, a report released by the Singapore Environment Council says.
  5. plastic bag

    Commentary: Our reluctance to part with plastic bag stems from a 'yeah-but' mentality

    Many know how plastic can be harmful to the environment, yet it seems most of us are still resistant to change, which is stalling progress on bag ...
  6. flip flop travel

    Commentary: Your flip-flops reveal the dark side of globalisation

    Flip-flops look simple and cheap but are part of a more complicated story of production, illicit trade and disposal, says one observer from the ...
  7. TP plastic bags 1

    Commentary: What will it take for Singapore to give up plastic?

    Moving away from single-use plastic and making clean drinking water available everywhere are two ways we can tackle the scourge of plastic waste ...
  8. recycle bin in hotel

    Large hotels recycling less, can manage waste better: NEA

  9. Plastic scrap is seen at Taicang Jinhui Recycling Co., in Taicang

    China's plastic recyclers go abroad as import ban bites

    In a smoke-filled plant about 50 miles northwest of Shanghai, masked workers feed sacks of plastic scrap into shuddering old machines that ...
  10. blue recycling bin

    ‘Cannot sell ... so they burn’: What’s next in the uncertain future for plastic waste in Singapore?

    With China’s decision to stop taking in the world’s plastic waste and recyclables, countries like Singapore will have to consider the limitations ...