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  1. British pound

    Pound bobs on Brexit, European stocks recover from Huawei scare

  2. Final day of the Egyptian referendum on draft constitutional amendments

    Egyptian voters back constitutional changes in referendum

  3. British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at the House of Commons in London

    British MPs reject all Brexit alternatives, again

  4. Britain's House of Commons is set to vote again on a Brexit deal

    Commentary: Here's how Britain will attempt to pass the Brexit deal this week - again

    The British Prime Minister Theresa May's strategy will be to scare Brexit hardliners into submission, says the Financial Times' Robert Shrimley.
  5. Campaigners on both sides of the Brexit debate have continued to take to the streets -- long after

    Commentary: Europe can help the UK kill second Brexit referendum idea

    It is also in the European Union’s interest to seek out an endgame to this Brexit rollercoaster ride, says Science Po’s Jean Pisani-Ferry.
  6. Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves Downing Street in London

    Opposition leader pushes for parliament vote on new Brexit referendum

    British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn moved a step closer to paving the way for another referendum on European Union membership by ...
  7. FILE PHOTO - Luxembourg Foreign Minister Asselborn addresses the 72nd United Nations General Assemb

    Luxembourg's Asselborn says only second referendum would merit Brexit delay

    Luxembourg's veteran foreign minister Jean Asselborn on Friday said only a move towards a second referendum could win Britain a delay of the ...
  8. Brexit Theresa May Parliament

    UK parliament rejects Brexit deal in historic vote

  9. Leo Varadkar

    Irish parliament votes to legalise abortion

  10. The Papua conflict traces its roots to Dutch de-colonisation in the early 1960s

    Separatists in Indonesia's Papua reject surrender, demand referendum