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  1. The Family Affair S4
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    Ep 5: The Stress Never Ends

    How do parents deal with disappointment and self-doubt while building big dreams for their children? For them, the stress never ends.
  2. dad parent and child at the beach

    How to better communicate with your children this coming new year

    Be a sports presenter. Make a glitter jar. Get a pet. Whether or not you rely on strategies like these, the central advice is to listen more.
  3. Young people hanging out together

    How to find time for friends you’ve neglected because you’re too busy

    Want to have a truly balanced life? Friends are part of the equation – and they tend to be less demanding of our time than family or work. But ...
  4. Beach

    Commentary: The things I no longer do for my significant other

    Relationships can be tough. But sometimes, it takes a walk down the unpleasant bits of memory lane to realise how far you’ve come, says Karen Tee.
  5. Marriage

    Commentary: How do you know if it's time to get married?

    Nobody wants to settle, says psychology professor at Monmouth University Gary W Lewandowski Jr.
  6. More protection for victims abused by intimate partners: Shanmugam | Video
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    More protection for victims abused by intimate partners: Shanmugam | Video

    Victims of abuse by their close partners and who face possible violence might soon be able to get an expedited protection order within 24 hours, ...
  7. pixel heart,love

    Commentary: How some have life-hacked their way to love

    You can hack your way to find love by applying a data-centric approach but that relationship might not last, says Joseph Reagle from Northeastern ...
  8. Teaching kids to create, not consume, through upcycling

    Commentary: Turning trash into treasure - teaching kids to create, not consume, through upcycling

    Children's book author Sophia Huang found that upcycling has taught her children and her to have a certain mindfulness about the environment.
  9. file photo phone woman 1

    Commentary: Why breaking up in the Facebook era is hard to do

    Social media has become an irrefutable part of the way we live. It has also changed the way we love, says one observer at the Financial Times.
  10. couple in bed (from pixabay, no credit required)

    Commentary: Adultery is wrong but still prevalent

    Surveys show solid disapproval of adultery in every country yet it remains prevalent. Marriage isn’t the permanent or sacred institution it was, ...