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  1. The benefits of talking to strangers HERO

    Experts say talking to strangers 'enrich lives and offer novel experiences'

    Casual connections with people we encounter in the course of daily life can give us the sense of belonging to a community.
  2. How to talk to your friends about money HERO

    How to start a conversation about money with your friends

    Empathy is key to navigating tricky conversations, and that’s true now more than ever.
  3. When your tween is bored HERO

    Expert-approved, mood-boosting tactics to keep tweens from boredom

    Here's how to be your tween's creative collaborator instead of the boss.
  4. woman sad phone

    Commentary: Did your relationship fail to survive COVID-19? Here’s how to move on

    When a relationship isn't stable or defined yet, it’s ill-equipped to deal with the hurdle of time and distance apart, says dating guru Cherlyn Chong.
  5. How to end pandemic fights with your partner

    Is the pandemic putting a strain on your relationship? Here's how to end fights with your partner

    Couples' fight in lockdown are often about the unremitting intensity of togetherness. The sooner you de-escalate a fight, the sooner you can begin ...
  6. Tinder CEO story HERO

    Swipe and socialise: Tinder’s CEO shares how COVID-19 changed the dating game

    If you thought the pandemic has brought the art of casual encounters to a standstill, think again. No one can meet up physically but they can just ...
  7. Screen time smartphone iPad laptop

    Commentary: We’ve grown closer to co-workers during the coronavirus pandemic

    In a world supported by technology, people still long for personal, human contact, says an observer.
  8. NYT Need to reconnect art

    We don’t just need to connect – we need to reconnect

    Rekindling dormant ties can bring unexpected benefits to our lives.
  9. Hero-staying-home-cause-divorce- hutomo-abriantounsplash-

    Relationships in quarantine: How couples living together can remain happy

    Spending time together for extended periods – like during this “circuit breaker” period – can be a recipe for disaster. Giving each other space ...
  10. woman using phone

    Commentary: Digital dating and why my love life is flourishing under lockdown

    A conversation with someone sitting in their kitchen, living room or bedroom is intimate in a way that a first drink in a loud bar can never be, ...