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  1. Screen time smartphone iPad laptop

    Commentary: We’ve grown closer to co-workers during the coronavirus pandemic

    In a world supported by technology, people still long for personal, human contact, says an observer.
  2. NYT Need to reconnect art

    We don’t just need to connect – we need to reconnect

    Rekindling dormant ties can bring unexpected benefits to our lives.
  3. Hero-staying-home-cause-divorce- hutomo-abriantounsplash-

    Relationships in quarantine: How couples living together can remain happy

    Spending time together for extended periods – like during this “circuit breaker” period – can be a recipe for disaster. Giving each other space ...
  4. woman using phone

    Commentary: Digital dating and why my love life is flourishing under lockdown

    A conversation with someone sitting in their kitchen, living room or bedroom is intimate in a way that a first drink in a loud bar can never be, ...
  5. SAF enlistees at the oath taking ceremony with safe distancing

    Commentary: We cannot allow COVID-19 to disrupt our relationships too

    Perhaps the social disruptions of COVID-19 will eventually enable us to build stronger social relationships, says Annie Tan.
  6. How to raise siblings who get along Soccer

    Mums with negative histories with siblings likely to raise kids with positive relationships: Research

    Playing together is part of it, but so is having chores kids can complete as a team (especially if they can sneak in some fun while they work.)
  7. NYT listening illustration

    Here's why you're not listening to your closest and dearest

    There’s an unconscious tendency to tune out people you feel close to because you think you already know what they are going to say.
  8. couple exercise

    Commentary: Forget dinner dates. Exercising with your partner leads to a stronger relationship

    Those who exercise report higher satisfaction in their relationships - and this is even more so for people who exercise with their partners, says ...
  9. The Family Affair S4
    Media playtime

    Ep 5: The Stress Never Ends

    How do parents deal with disappointment and self-doubt while building big dreams for their children? For them, the stress never ends.
  10. dad parent and child at the beach

    How to better communicate with your children this coming new year

    Be a sports presenter. Make a glitter jar. Get a pet. Whether or not you rely on strategies like these, the central advice is to listen more.