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  1. Mother's Day Two Halves Mother-Daughter duo UOB HERO

    Starting a business with mum? This Singaporean learned valuable life lessons

    Working with family has its ups and downs – the duo behind local skincare brand Two Halves, Jo and daughter Ashley Yong, found that the perks far ...
  2. Mother's Day series: Co-founder of Love, Bonito Rachel Lim HERO 3

    How Love, Bonito’s Rachel Lim is building a fashion empire from Singapore

    In the month of May, CNA Lifestyle speaks to successful working mothers who make it look all too easy. This week, the 34-year-old entrepreneur-mum ...
  3. Prince William, Harry seen chatting together after royal funeral HERO

    Prince William, Harry seen chatting together after royal funeral

    It was the first time the brothers had been together in public since Harry stood down from royal duties and moved to the US with his wife Meghan, ...
  4. Man on Zoom meeting

    Commentary: Remote working is a respite from the office, but toxic workplace behaviours persist

    Research finds that toxic workplace behaviours, in the form of antagonistic online behaviour, have persisted online during this pandemic due to a ...
  5. woman boss

    Commentary: How to give feedback to your boss without getting into trouble

    Giving leaders feedback builds stronger teams but do it in a positive manner requesting for support, says Crystal Lim-Lange.
  6. UNDATED -- BC-WELL-PANDEMIC-DEPRESSION-ART-NYTSF -- Connecting with others on social media has help

    Reaching out helped ease depression and anxiety brought about by pandemic

    Connecting with others on social media has helped ease the fear and loneliness of pandemic living.
  7. An unofficial ranking of the 10 most annoying kids’ toys HERO

    This is an unofficial ranking of the 10 most annoying kids’ toys

    These could distress even the most unflappable parents.
  8. Put your kid to work HERO

    Put your kid to work, it's actually good for their mental health

    Focusing on helping our kids develop what psychologists call “self-efficacy,” or a person’s belief that they are capable of successfully meeting ...
  9. marriage holding hands

    Commentary: Rise in online dating during pandemic may see more serious relationships, marriages in next few years

    COVID-19 has enhanced our need for social connection while making it more difficult to do so. Online dating and the formation of romantic ...
  10. Zoom edition 2.0: The Holidays HERO

    What's the holidays without a bit of booze? We bring you Zoom Cocktails 2.0: The Holiday Edition

    The virtual happy hour was novel nine months ago, and now it’s back to get us through the holidays. But can we overcome the limits of a virtual ...