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  1. A demonstrator shouts slogans to riot police during a protest against Nicaraguan President Daniel O

    At least one killed as protests rock Nicaragua; Ortega defiant

    Police and supporters of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega clashed in Managua on Sunday with demonstrators calling for the release of people ...
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    Rebel attack in Congo Ebola zone kills 18

  3. FILE PHOTO: A member of Nusra Front climbs a pole where a Nusra flag waves in the town of Ariha in

    Jihadist group rejects deal for Syria's Idlib, main faction yet to declare stance

    A jihadist faction in the Idlib region of northwestern Syria has rejected a Turkish-Russian deal that requires "radical" insurgents to withdraw ...
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    Syrian FSA rebels to cooperate with Turkey in Idlib, wary of Russia

  5. Across China there was a mixed reaction to what some call a compromise by the Holy See and a

    Chinese Catholics 'pray for the best' but wary after Vatican deal

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    US military says US airstrike kills an estimated 18 Somali militants

  7. A general view of the attack during the military parade in Ahvaz

    Iran's Khamenei blames Gulf states for military parade attack

    Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused U.S.-backed Gulf Arab states of carrying out a shooting attack on a military parade that ...
  8. Brazilian presidential candidate Cabo Daciolo, who calls himself a messenger from heaven, says he

    Brazilian dark horse says God wants him to be president

    One of the media darlings of Brazil's eccentric presidential race is a buff, bible-thumping reserve fireman who barely registers in the polls and ...