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  1. The signature of the team of French entrepreneurs Obvious is seen on the artwork "La Comtesse

    The artist as an algorithm: Robot-made Rembrandt for sale

    Robots can do many of the jobs previously performed by humans, but could they ever replace artists?
  2. Dutch art dealer Six poses next to a Rembrandt painting called "Portrait of a Young Man"

    Dutch art dealer discovers first 'new' Rembrandt in 44 years

    Dutch art dealer Jan Six made the discovery of a lifetime at an auction house in 2016, when he saw the hand of Rembrandt in an unknown painting ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz speaks during a press conference at the FBI's

    Accused mobster linked to Boston art heist faces sentencing

    An octogenarian alleged mobster who police believe may be able to solve the largest art heist in U.S. history is expected in court in Connecticut ...