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  1. FILE PHOTO: Different types of 4G, 5G and data radio relay antennas for mobile phone networks are p

    Vodafone will remove Huawei from its core networks

    Vodafone, the world's second largest mobile operator, will remove equipment made by Huawei from the sensitive core of its mobile networks in ...
  2. man dragged off united airlines plane

    United Airlines faces backlash after man is dragged off 'overbooked' plane

    Video posted on social media shows the man screaming before he is forcibly removed from his seat and dragged by his arms off the plane.
  3. A roll pictures featuring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

    Commentary: Why can’t America just take out Assad?

    History suggests it would be a big mistake.
  4. Cartoon tiger

    Roar no more: Indonesian military removes mocked tiger statue

    The tiger is the mascot for the local military but the one at the entrance to the small base in Cisewu -- which had a broad grin and cuboid head ...
  5. Suction cap

    Maid convicted of ill-treating bedridden young boy

    District Judge Low Wee Ping disagrees with the prosecution’s call for an 18-month jail term for Kusrini Caslan Arja and says he is "sure (Kusrini) ...