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  1. Sulawesi wind renewables

    Commentary: Southeast Asia wants to love wind energy but shouldn’t bank on it

    But even solar energy looks like a better deal, says Kavickumar Muruganathan.
  2. FILE PHOTO: File photograph shows a sign is outside BP's North Sea Headquarters in Aberdeen

    Only a quarter of BP's 10,000 job cuts to be voluntary

    BP is set to make around 7,500 compulsory redundancies after roughly 2,500 staff - or just over one in ten of those eligible - applied for ...
  3. High energy demands in India -- which, despite a big push towards solar, continues to rely heavily

    Commentary: India on dream run in meeting renewable energy goals

    Even as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country in March 2020, the renewable energy sector showed resilience and continues to attract new ...
  4. South Sulawesi wind farm

    Commentary: Indonesia’s clean energy ambitions hit fresh obstacles

    Acquiring land for energy project development is a lengthy and complicated process in Indonesia, says an observer.
  5. FILE PHOTO: G20 leaders summit in Osaka

    Commentary: Saudi Arabia's new, radical oil strategy aims to keep prices low

    Saudi Arabia's shock move to flood the oil market may be a play to stem the tide of renewable energy, says Bernard Haykel.