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    A doctor by vocation, an entrepreneur at heart

    To help patients get help faster, Dr Shravan Verma advocates mobile medicine with his healthcare app
  2. Period calendar

    Commentary: How to stick to your New Year's resolution past February

    Self-control would make sticking to your resolution easier, but overdoing it might make you more likely to give up.
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    Commentary: Don't rush, give scientists time to make discoveries

    Funding and time should be given to scientists to pursue curiosity-based, long-term research, says winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Donna ...
  4. man cycling in daytime

    Commentary: Why I quit my day job and started cycling to Bhutan

    Burnt out from his former job, researcher Christopher Boyce decides to set off on his journey to find happiness.
  5. spoons and teaspoons

    Commentary: The curious case of teaspoons going missing in the office pantry

    Once upon a time, a group of disheartened scientists found their tearoom bereft of teaspoons.
  6. NUS Test Kit for Disease Screening (1)

    NUS team develops cheap, portable test kit for quick screening of diseases

  7. More money being pumped into skin research in Singapore | Video
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    More money being pumped into skin research in Singapore | Video

    About S$26 million has been invested in skincare research in the five years since the Skin Research Institute of Singapore was set up. With ...