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  1. Remarkable Living Gastronomy Shaun Quade Hero

    Food is theatre for one of Melbourne's most innovative young chefs

    Chef Shaun Quade of South Melbourne’s Lume sees his restaurant as a stage – everyone in there is part of the show and has their own role to play.
  2. Sustainable Chef Kirk Westaway HERO

    The secret to Jaan’s delicious Reinventing British menu is to go small and specific

    From Scottish kombu to creamy Devon butter, Jaan’s Chef de Cuisine Kirk Westaway orders organic-certified small producers to get the best ...
  3. Remarkable Living Gastronomy Alan Geaam HERO

    From sleeping on the streets of Paris to owning a Michelin starred restaurant

    Self-taught chef Alan Geaam shares his incredible journey.
  4. Zafferano Substainable Chef Emanuele Faggi_HERO

    He puts everything from fish bones to used coffee beans to delicious use

    Zafferano's head chef Emanuele Faggi instils in his team the value of respecting each ingredient – and he's reduced food wastage by 70 per cent.
  5. Chef Vicky Cheng_HERO_ComB

    The Hong Kong chef discovering his heritage by 'French-ifying' Chinese food

    At VEA Restaurant and Lounge, Vicky Cheng has one mission: To make each of his Chinese dishes not taste at all like Chinese food.
  6. Remarkable Living Destinations Blend

    The man selling American burgers to Parisians – in the most French way possible

    Blend founder Victor Garnier wants to bring people together through "burger-ness" – and meat from one of the best butchers in the world.
  7. CNA Lifestyle

    Michelin to debut restaurant guide for California in June

  8. FILE PHOTO: White House counselor Kellyanne Conway speaks to reporters in Washington

    Trump adviser Conway accuses woman of assaulting her in restaurant: CNN

    White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said she was assaulted at a Maryland restaurant last year by a woman who grabbed and shook her, an ...
  9. CNA Lifestyle

    From London's Brick Lane to Davos, veganism on the menu