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  1. Reynhard Sinaga

    ‘I hope he rots in hell’: Victims of Indonesian serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga speak out

    Only two of Reynhard Sinaga’s 195 victims knew they were raped. Many remained in the dark until they received a knock on the door from a police ...
  2. how manchester rapist reynhard sinaga preyed on his victims
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    How Manchester rapist Reynhard Sinaga preyed on his victims | Video

    Described as Britain's most prolific and worst rapist, Indonesian Reynhard Sinaga was sentenced to life imprisonment after police found evidence ...
  3. Reynhard Sinaga

    Commentary: Male victims of rape deserve support and understanding, not ridicule and disbelief

    News of an Indonesian man convicted of sexually assaulting over 100 men drew unkind comments which reveal a toxic set of beliefs, says Shailey ...