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  1. Fresh Hong Kong clashes outside Sha Tin shopping mall
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    Fresh Hong Kong clashes outside Sha Tin shopping mall

    Hong Kong protesters clashed with riot police outside a mall on Sunday (Sep 22), with some activists vandalising a nearby subway station and ...
  2. Paris riot

    Clashes in Paris as tens of thousands mark May Day

  3. Catalonia clash

    Catalan leader threatens independence after chaotic vote

    At least 92 people were confirmed injured out of a total of 844 who needed medical attention, Catalan authorities said.
  4. Turkey gay Jun26

    Turkey police break up Gay Pride protest in Istanbul

  5. supporters of duterte at rally

    Duterte supporters, protesters rally in Manila

    Protesters rallied against President Duterte's deadly drug war, on the 31st anniversary of the People Power Revolution, while his supporters held ...
  6. sea of yellow

    More than 15,000 turn up for Bersih 5 rally in KL

    Thousands gathered at the starting point of the rally in Jalan Bangsar on Saturday morning, despite the arrests of Bersih leaders including its ...
  7. Calais makeshift church

    As Calais camp closed, Paris mayor warns of migrant woes

    French authorities were on Monday (Oct 31) clearing the last shacks in the Calais "Jungle", signalling the end of the notorious camp, as attention ...