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  1. INSIGHT India drought1

    As a river dies: India could be facing its ‘greatest human catastrophe’ ever

    As crops and farmers die, experts blame a man-made “drought of common sense” for the drying up of Southern India’s Cauvery River, once a lifeline ...
  2. phil small scale mine

    Former yoga missionary could bring Philippine mining industry to its knees

    The world’s biggest source of nickel is facing a mining shakedown. Philippine environment secretary Gina Lopez has made it her mission to save the ...
  3. Westminster attack - injured on bridge

    Witness: At the scene of the London attack

    Melville was standing below the bridge on the south bank of the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament at around 2.30pm when the man ...
  4. Lee De Paauw hospital bed

    Australian attacked by crocodile after jumping into river to impress girl

    Lee De Paauw had jumped into the croc-infested Johnstone River to impress British backpacker Sophie Paterson.
  5. Australia plane

    2 dead after plane plunges into Australian river

    Two people have died after a light plane nosedived into a river in front of thousands of horrified spectators at an air show in Western Australia, ...