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  1. The super-smart, hyper-connected future of motoring

    The super-smart, hyper-connected future of motoring

    5G technology will take motoring to new levels of connectivity and convenience.
  2. e-scooter file

    No plans to ban PMDs on footpaths: Ministry of Transport

  3. silver zone

    20 more locations to get senior-friendly Silver Zone features

  4. 3D traffic calming markings

    New 3D traffic markings on trial to reduce motorists' speed

  5. New Content Item

    A boost for fatigued drivers

    The I-VUE D10 monitoring device helps drivers stay alert, because one life lost is one too many
  6. (dp) TP truckers main

    Overworked and low-paid, heavy vehicle drivers an accident waiting to happen

    One driver’s normal working hours are 8am to 5pm, but he works until 10pm or 11pm instead. Others are doing the same to earn more, as Talking ...