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  1. TP ep 43 - speeding
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    Ep 43: Why Speeding Is More Dangerous Than You Think

    Speeding has been the number one traffic offence in Singapore, over the past 3 years. What are the consequences of extreme speed and when do car ...
  2. Illustration: Cyclist vs driver on the road

    IN FOCUS: Why can't cyclists and motorists just get along?

    With incidents involving cyclists and motorists the subject of regular, intense debates online, CNA explores what it might take for Singapore's ...
  3. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Wizards Of Tech: World

    An aerial silk dancer turning waste into high-value aerogel that can withstand fire and soak up oil spills. A bunch of biker buddies giving ...
  4. Taiwan plans tougher penalty on drunk driving | Video
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    Taiwan plans tougher penalty on drunk driving | Video

    Taiwan's parliament is planning to push for a tougher penalty on drunk driving, a rising public concern over road safety on the island.