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  1. speed camera file

    New speed cameras tracking motorists over a distance to be deployed at Tanah Merah Coast Road

    The "average speed cameras" will compute the average speed of a vehicle as it enters and exits the enforcement zone.
  2. old elderly woman

    Overall road safety situation has improved, but elderly fatalities up: SPF

    The fatality rate from road accidents last year was the lowest recorded in 35 years, but more elderly pedestrians were killed, according to an ...
  3. driverless vehicle one north

    Policies, regulations, liability: Getting on track to a 'driverless future'

    With autonomous vehicles coming closer to becoming adopted in our everyday lives, Channel NewsAsia takes a look at the complex challenge of ...
  4. Ayutthaya boat sinks

    13 dead in Thai river boat collision

    At least 13 people were killed on Sunday and 10 more are missing after a boat carrying Muslim pilgrims sank on Thailand's Chao Phraya river after ...