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  1. TP road rage angry 2

    Commentary: What happened to caution and graciousness on the roads?

    Tougher punishments and more cameras cannot replace the need for better attitudes towards road safety.
  2. Kaesong

    Two Koreas to pledge road, rail links on divided peninsula

  3. 3D traffic calming markings

    New 3D traffic markings on trial to reduce motorists' speed

  4. Lornie Highway construction

    First phase of Lornie Highway to open on Oct 28

  5. bus accident jalan jurong kechil

    34 injured after accident involving SMRT, SBS Transit buses in Jalan Jurong Kechil

  6. New Content Item

    Will the drive to make Singapore car-lite succeed?

    “In the medium to long term you would regard walking or cycling or using ... personal mobility devices as commonplace as hopping on a bus or a ...
  7. OCBC Cycle team singapore

    More local races the way to improve Singapore cyclists: SCF

    Compared to neighbours like Malaysia and Indonesia, which have regular circuit and road races, Singapore’s size hampers development of competitive ...