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  1. Michael Flynn

    Trump's ex-security chief Flynn sold country out, says judge

    Judge Emmet Sullivan said Flynn had behaved in a "traitorous" manner while he was in the White House in early 2017 and threatened to impose a ...
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    Commentary: Mueller now one step closer in long road to prosecuting Donald Trump

    The evidence could one day put Donald Trump in jail when the US President leaves office, Pulitzer prize winner Tim Weiner says
  3. Former FBI director James Comey

    Ex-FBI director Comey grilled again in US Congress

    Former FBI director James Comey, sacked by President Donald Trump in 2017, testified on Friday (Dec 7) before US lawmakers for the first time in ...
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    Commentary: Trump supporters simply don't care about Mueller investigations

    Whatever Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds about Russia is unlikely to dramatically change support for US President Donald Trump, says one ...
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    Commentary: The startling fallout over Manafort and Cohen scandals will rock five countries

    The American political deck has been reshuffled and the ripples will be felt where US President Donald Trump engages in high-stakes negotiations, ...