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  1. Nikhil Malhotra, robot builder & researcher
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    Ep 11: Nikhil Malhotra, robot builder & researcher

    AI in toys? Can a child give permission for a toy to collect her personal data? What if a child asks a toy to hurt another child? In Conversation ...
  2. Handout photo of robots swinging a cab and bed into place for a new heavy duty pickup truck on the

    US companies put record number of robots to work in 2018

    US companies installed more robots last year than ever before, as cheaper and more flexible machines put them within reach of businesses of all ...
  3. A robot named Zora at Jouarre, a nursing facility an hour outside Paris, on Aug. 30, 2018. It may n

    Meet Zora, the robot caregiver at the centre of an experiment in France

    It may not look like much, but this robot could very well be the future of how it's like to take care of elderly patients.
  4. Workers assemble shoes on a production line at the Huajian shoe factory in Dongguan, China.

    Commentary: Unfortunately, artificial intelligence can do that job better

    The rise of artificial intelligence is disrupting traditional pathways to economic development for the developing world, says one observer.
  5. robot dinos japan

    Robotel: Japan hotel staffed by robot dinosaurs

  6. Food robot 1

    Food services industry needs to be smart about embracing technology: Chee Hong Tat

  7. Keeko robot China

    Robot teachers invade Chinese kindergartens

  8. A humanoid created by NTU Professor Thalmann areacts to the presence of people during an interview

    Commentary: A while more before robots and artificial intelligence run our lives for us

    Despite AI’s widely publicised successes, there are very good reasons to be skeptical about its possibilities for replacing humans, says one ...