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  1. Piles of garbage lie in front of rubbish bins in Rome

    Rome offers free metro travel for plastic recyclers

    Rome is trying to become more environmentally friendly by offering free metro tickets to travellers who recycle plastic bottles using machines set ...
  2. New Content Item

    Lazio and Roma share points in lively Rome derby

  3. A RHIB of the German NGO Sea-Eye migrant rescue ship 'Alan Kurdi' carries migrants claimi

    Second rescue boat heading to Lampedusa in potential new stand-off with Rome

    A second migrant rescue boat is heading towards the south Italian island of Lampedusa, potentially creating another stand-off with Italian ...
  4. Spanish migrant rescue ship Open Arms is seen close to the Italian shore in Lampedusa

    Spain to take some migrants on Open Arms ship, says Italy

    Spain has offered to take some of around 150 migrants on board a rescue ship that has been blocked from docking in Italy, the government in Rome ...
  5. CNA Lifestyle

    Rome bans sitting on Spanish Steps, puzzling hot, tired tourists

  6. Local traffic auxiliaries patrol the Spanish Steps off Trinita dei Monti church in Rome

    Tourists banned from sitting on Rome's Spanish Steps

  7. FILE PHOTO: A McDonald's sign is seen on Via della Conciliazione street in Rome in front of Va

    Italy bars McDonald's fast-food amidst monuments of ancient Rome

    Italy's Culture ministry on Wednesday barred the construction of a McDonald's fast-food restaurant next to the ancient Baths of Caracalla in Rome, ...
  8. Vladimir Putin

    Putin meets pope, 'welcoming' populist government during Italy trip

  9. Italy earthquake

    Mild earthquake hits near Rome

  10. FILE PHOTO: A Vatican radio reporter speaks during a live transmission

    Latin lovers tune in: Vatican broadcasts news in language of ancient Rome

    Friends, Romans and Latin lovers - lend the Vatican your ears. Vatican Radio is starting its first regular news bulletin in the language of Caesar ...