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  1. New Content Item

    Ken Rosewall Arena to get a roof as Sydney ramps up ATP Cup bid

  2. Car on roof China

    Car skids, crashes onto roof of house in China

    A video of the incident captured by closed-circuit television showed the car sliding off the roof before landing on top of a tiled roof.
  3. Hoax photo Punggol Waterway Terrace

    Report of Punggol Waterway Terraces roof collapse a 'hoax': HDB

    The Housing and Development Board says it will inform the police about the hoax.
  4. NASA launch centre

    Hurricane Matthew damages roofs at NASA's launch center

    Hurricane Matthew lashed NASA's rocket launch facility at Cape Canaveral on Friday, forcing power outages and damaging roofs as it battered the ...
  5. Sri Lanka Special Task Force soldiers carry a multi barrel rocket launcher

    Sri Lanka races to defuse bombs after depot blast

    At least one soldier burnt to death and thousands of villagers fled their homes after fire broke out at the Salawa military complex late Sunday, ...
  6. Roof awnings at Chip Bee Gardens

    Roof awnings at Chip Bee Gardens to be replaced due to asbestos

    Checks show that the roof awnings 323 of 349 terrace houses could contain asbestos. SLA says the health risks posed to occupants remains low.