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  1. David Low poses with his jerseys

    'I can never say no to football': The Singaporean who played on 5 different continents

    This Singapore footballer’s career has taken him to the four corners of the earth - but he’s never been called up by the national team at home.
  2. Al Qaasimy Kaplan Singapore pic 2

    Preparing early: S.League players on importance of planning for life after football

    Players Channel NewsAsia spoke to are generally aware of the need to prepare early for footballing retirement, given the realities of playing in ...
  3. Lim Kia Tong

    Singapore football imposes age quotas in bid to revamp S.League

    At least six local under-23 players, no more than six over 30 years old, a new fitness test - these are some of the highlights amidst a slew of ...