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  1. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan poses during an interview with Reuters at an event to promote the start

    London Mayor backs bid to host 2023 Champions League final at Wembley

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan has backed a Football Association (FA) bid for Wembley Stadium to host the 2023 Champions League final to mark the ...
  2. Sadiq Khan, the son of a bus driver who emigrated from Pakistan, is London's first Muslim mayor

    Trump calls London mayor a 'disaster' in fresh Twitter attack

    U.S. President Donald Trump once again criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday, saying he is a "disaster" and will "only get worse" after ...
  3. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan speaks at the the British Chamber of Commerce annual conference in London

    Trump calls London mayor 'stone cold loser' as he lands in the UK

    U.S. President Donald Trump renewed his verbal attacks on London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Monday, calling him a "stone-cold loser" after the mayor ...
  4. Extinction Rebellion protest in London

    Climate-change protesters vow to disrupt London underground

    Environmental activists vowed to disrupt London underground train services in a third day of action on Wednesday in a bid to force the British ...
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    Judge restores Uber's London licence for 15 months

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    Commentary: Why fewer commuters taking the London tube is creating a headache for transport authorities

    Fewer London commuters are taking the tube – creating a funding gap that puts plans for improvements and upgrades in serious jeopardy, says one ...
  7. Facebook

    Facebook opens new London hub, creating 800 jobs

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    Commentary: Make London's Oxford Street a place for people not pedestrians

    Mayor Sadiq Khan should turn London's major shopping belt Oxford Street into a haven where people can hang out, says the University College ...
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    Uber appeals against loss of London licence

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    Commentary: Uber’s London loss a sign of more battles between cities and tech firms to come

    Project for Study of the 21st Century executive director Peter Apps says cities and regulators are looking to put a stop to tech companies pushing ...